Thursday, December 01, 2005

Hell No-el

You know, not everyone loves the holiday season.

Even those that DO love the meaning of the holidays and the opportunity that it affords to eat desserts, wear that red sweater, give and give gifts, worship your favorite deity and/or cultural construct . . . well, even given all THAT, the overwhelming cultural force that is The Holiday Season can be a bit crushing to the spirit.

So, in the spirit of giving those depressed holiday sufferers a bit of hope, I offer this idea. I heard about it on a TV show just moments ago and said to myself . . . "Dude! You've gotta talk about that."

And so I have.


Sven Golly said...

Yes, Virginia, there is a Coca-Cola-sponsored, Ford-inspired, profit-making media extravaganza, and yes, "There will always be an audience for innocence in this country." And there is hope, as long as you, a whole bunch of santarchists, and have a sense of humor.

Jack Thunder said...

i heard about SantaCon through C. Palahniuk's stories about Portland. sounds excellent.

i don't understand holiday depression. i think it's the best time of the year. it's the only time people are somewhat decent to each other (if only because they have to leave the house every now and then and end up bumping into each other while buying something, . . . . and buying stuff is this country's religion).

if we're looking for a reason to be depressed, might i offer that the sun only comes out ONE DAY EVERY #^%ING WEEK, NOW!!!

happy holidays,