Friday, August 05, 2005

Cheeseburger in . . . Limbo?

Tonight after work, Tegan and I decided to take the girls out to a restaurant. And so we decided to go to a place that we had not been before--Cheeseburger in Paradise.

Yeah, shut up, okay? I am well aware about how some of you feel about these sorts of restaurants. I didn't ask you to go.

The food, well, it was what you expect.

Lots of drink options . . . or so it seems (more on that later), several varieties of cheeseburger, other grilly, restauranty fare. My burger was well cooked and suitably sloppy. The fries were tasty and not badly done. Tegan got a chicken quesadilla that she deemed "quite good."

I had decided to order a mohito with my meal. (I saw Emeril make one once.) But it never came. At least I didn't get charged for it.

We pointed it out to our "islander" when she brought us the bill mostly so she might learn from her mistake, but I doubt she will. It seems like she was working to get us out of there, since we arrived in the last moments of Happy Hour and right before the serious dinner rush began. She naturally wanted to try and maximize her opportunity for tips by cycling us out of the way. But really, she never filled up our water glasses (important considering we were not given our other drink options), she only came by one time other than when she dropped off the check. We sort of seemed to be an inconvenience.

She never acted that way towards us, but it was mostly neglect . . . and she really didn't act very apologetic when we pointed out her mistake. She sort of mumbled an apology while taking away plates and when she dropped off the bill with my credit card she started to say sorry behind my back, but I kid you not, it just sort of tapered . . . off . . . into . . . nothing.

Oh well . . .

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