Friday, January 14, 2005

I know, I know . . .

I didn't sit down and lavish attention on WWYG?! last night.

I'm sorry.

Maybe this weekend?

I did, however, spend quality time with my wife, relaxing, watching some TV and LOTR:TT.

Plus, before I got Ariel to bed she made me play this game with her, but she makes up all the rules and uses all these nonsensical words. It is very cute, but it makes me wonder if that is what mommy and daddy sound like in her head when we are trying to explains stuff to her.

Maybe it's something like, "Ariel, you take the dkddfghked and then you put it in the dkcialik4t. You wait a few minutes and then dkae;'d."

Is that how my daughter sees me . . . as a 93eka4kjaehee;???!!!

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Anonymous said...

I think that doesn't happen until puberty.