Sunday, January 02, 2005

Anywhere, anytime

Well, I have this brief opportunity to hit a computer while out running errands and I want you to know that blogging can occur anywhere, anytime, as long as there is something to talk about.

My purpose? Dropping off Ariel's books at the library and picking up something on reserve for me. I hit the top floor to grab a computer for this entry while a nice young man is playing classical guitar in the library lobby below me. Ain't life grand sometimes?

What am I reading? Check the side column to see what I am attempting to read now.

You will see that I have taken Readers Block off . . . and that is because I am returning it to Spec, with my tail between my legs and my head downcast. I just couldn't get it read and wasn't captivated by it.

I am sorry Spec and beg you to forgive me.

What else is going on?

We returned from our travels and are now trying to get our routine back in order. Work begins again tomorrow, clothes are put away, Christmas decorations go down this week--I think, the house needs to be reorganized.

I am working on a big blog entry that will take a few days to complete and many more to finalize. . . . You'll see what I mean soon.


Spec said...

You are surely forgiven. I understand that "Reader's Block" is not an easy book to get into. Flip also had trouble getting into it, so you are not alone. However, to anyone else out there, do not let this discourage you from picking up a David Markson book. The man is an odd genius and his books (if you like them) will quickly become addictive. He is definitely worth a try.


flipper said...

To clarify--I don't know if the reason I couldn't get into "Reader's Block" had to do with the book itself or the fact that I was trying to read it IN VEGAS. "Reader's Block" is not a book you should try to read in Vegas. In fact, there is no book in existence that you should try to read in Vegas. If you manage to tear yourself away from the blackjack table long enough to lounge by the pool for a bit, you should simply daydream and/or catnap while drinking a margarita. Do not attempt "reading."