Saturday, November 23, 2019

Football Counter-Programming 2019: Week 14

(Full disclosure . . . I almost forgot to flip the syntax of my photo into "yoda-speak". But I saved myself at the last minute.)

So . . . welcome back once again to another week of Football Counter-Programming. I'm trying once again to divert you from watching football on a Saturday. But hey . . . I know that this is an unlikely task to accomplish--especially where I live in the Midwest where tOSU and Penn State are currently fighting to screw up each others playoff hopes.

But you didn't come here to think about football. You came to be diverted. So, what better way to divert than with the biggest diversionary tactic of the past two weeks? The launch of the new Disney+ streaming channel. Have you joined the masses? Are you deep down into Mickey's library of animated classics? Are you watching The Mandalorian and getting enchanted by Baby Yoda?

Did you know that this in't Yoda? That no one (yet?) knows the species of  creature that Yoda represents. And that, of course, Yoda is a proper name of the very old Jedi Master. So we don't know who or what this creature is. But all I know is that it/he/she has an extremely dope outfit made up of some soft and washed burlap velour fabric--with an especially cool snap collar.

But enough about the yoda-like baby. I am really invested in the best character on The Mandalorian. And that is--of course--Carl Weathers (with Werner Hertzog coming an extremely close second on his voice alone). Because every time Weathers is on screen, I imagine him wandering in off the Arrested Development set and looking for some stew ingredients. Plus, he has taken the very bold step of calling the mysterious title character "Mando"--which seems like a very familiar step to take for someone who is largely unknown. But it also seems like a very Carl Weathers sort of thing to do.

As with the Yoda baby, we don't know the Mandalorian's name. We only know that he is a bounty hunter from the planet of Mandalor. So maybe we will find out in the course of this inaugural season a.) what the Yoda species actually is, b.) what the name of the Yoda baby might be, and c.) the name of the Mandalorian while we are at it. (And if Carl Weathers finds some suitable ingredients for a savory meal, I won't be made about it.)

It's a journey of discovery for all of us. But remember that you can't take that journey if you are devoting all of your time to watching college football.

See you next week!

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