Saturday, October 13, 2018

Football Counter-Programming 2018: Week 7

I don't know what to write about this week. So I am afraid that you are slipping into bad habits and settling down to spend several hours watching college football. That fear is intensified by the fact that --here in Ohio, at least--the autumn gloom has finally started to set in. The day's light is gray, the clouds envelop the sky, and the ground is wet from yesterday night's persistent rain. Ah . . . the midwest in October!

Some of you, I know, are busy recovering from the effects of Hurricane Michael. You're first and foremost counting your blessings. But you're also counting the limbs strewn about your yards. And you're finding chainsaws to dispose of downed trees. You are taking stock, helping others, and--in some cases--waiting for power, boiling water, and assessing your food situation.

Luckily, no one I know personally is also facing the loss of a loved one. And that makes me thankful indeed.

All to say that some of you are doing anything BUT worrying about the pointless travails of college football. So, please know that I am not talking directly to you, but I am thinking of you just the same.

Now . . . as for the rest of you! 

You are most likely not facing the grimness of a midwestern day. You are most definitely not recovering from more severe weather events. And so, I ask you . . . what are YOU doing instead of watching college football?

As for me, I spent my time in the shower this morning dreaming up a post I could write today. But to do it well, I would need to spend more time than I am doing now, just dashing off some stream-of-consciousness thing to fill the space. (And, that probably means that I won't do it next week either. Because I won't build in the time necessary to write what I am imagining effectively. And because, when I am done with this post, I won't try to type some notes capturing the phrases that I had in my head only minutes before. And so, as always, this blog serves as a record of missed opportunities and paths not taken.

What are the missed opportunities in your life? What might you have done but chose not to do? What versions of yourself are living other lifestyles in multiple alternative universes that you will never discover?

Maybe today, my challenge to you . . . instead of watching college football . . . is to sit down and make a list of five or six moments in your past that you could have made a different choice. Was it a friendship missed or a relationship dissolved? Was it a college not attended or a subject not studied? Was it a job left hanging?

Write down these moments. Then consider what they could have led to in your life. Is there someone you should catch up with?  Is there some hobby you should commit more time to--an acknowledgment of a part interest that you think is impractical? Is there a source of happiness that you could resurrect in your life today, based on something you might have done before?

Look at your list. Jot down some notes. Consider what might be different.

And, also, please don't forget that your starting center on the offensive line had his own opportunity to take a scholarship at your rival opponent's school. Everything might be different for him and for you. So, don't take it all so personally, okay?

Until next week . . . 

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