Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Party Month 2018--Closing it out

Here we are deep into August and I still haven't closed out Party Month with my traditional review of the end event--Sarah's birthday.

And this one was a milestone: her eighteenth, her achievement of majority in between high school graduation and college departure, etc. She is an adult and she is getting ready to embark on her own journey into her own life: beginning to fully take the reigns of that life and make it entirely her own. (I say all this with the hope and the perspective that she won't still need our aid, our advice, and our presence in the future--especially in these new college years.) But . . . there are new things a-comin'.

Her party? A low-key affair: per her request. A family dinner out, some elaborate dessert, some presents. The traditional Happy Birthday banner hung in her honor by the breakfast table.

She did have separate fun out with her friends. But the days of scavenger hunts, big decorations, and sugary cakes are no more.

And that's a notable point to make and something that I realize more forcefully as I type these words. Because this WWYG?! blog really began with Sarah and with Grace. It started in part as a way to chronicle my own experience as a parent and to capture the events of my children as they grew, away from the rest of my family. Forcing me to try and convey something of my own new life across a distance that I had not imagined when I was younger and thinking into my own unknown future.

Sure . . . WWYG?! is about a lot more than my kids. But family has always been the biggest category encompassing the most of the blog posts I've written over the years. (No matter how many times I might have gone on and on about LOST back in the older days when I posted multiple times a week.)


I won't stop posting, of course. I've got two more kids to get into adulthood and then many more exciting things to report about their achievements for years to come. (And maybe I'll do something in my own life worth remembering as well.)

Until those events happen . . . Happy Eighteen birthday Sarah! Congratulations on all that you have accomplished and all that you are.

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