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LOST Rewatch: Dave

Yesterday, we relaunched the LOST Rewatch and I'm back at it again today with episode 18 of Season 2--"Dave."

Remember in yesterday's post when I callously joked about Hurley eating Apollo Bars because of the mysterious food pallet that parachuted down into the jungle? Well, that was an insensitive joke . . . but it is also a relevant one because this episode focuses on Hurley's problems with over-eating and his food eating compulsions.

Yes, this is one of those great moments in LOST when they devote an episode to our man Hugo--the soul of the Lostaways and the crash survivor you'd most want to hang out with in absolutely any circumstance. But, maybe not when he's moping--which he does quite a bit in this episode. For, as much as many boxes of CEREAL, PEANUT BUTTER, CHOCOLATE BARS, Dharma-brand WINE, and other delicious foodstuffs are to people who have been stranded on a tropical island for six weeks, Hurley is going to have to confront his demons.

And those demons--in part--go by the name of Dave.

For you see, as we learn in the FLASHBACK that Hurley was once a resident of a mental hospital. And his "Lenny" in that place went by the name of Dave. But as the flashback progressed, it became increasingly unclear whether Dave actually existed or if he was a manifestation of Hurley's mental issues and his eating phobia in particular. (For you see, we learn that Hurley checked into the Santa Rosa institution because an upstairs apartment balcony collapsed while Hurley was standing on it with others.

Hurley has since heaped that trauma upon himself and his weight, despite evidence which made it clear that the balcony was improperly constructed. In the institution, Dave served as Hurley's enabler--helping Hurley break out the building to steal food (even though Hurley is there voluntarily and could leave whenever he wanted).

Back on the island, Hurley reveals to Libby that he has been hoarding food and that he is very concerned that Jack has asked him to be in charge of this new bounty of parachute food. While Hurley is struggling to confront his issues, he is again confronted with Dave, who appears on the island in the middle of the jungle (wearing the same pajama/robe/slippers combo that he wore at Santa Rosa).

Dave tells Hurley that obviously this plane crash/castaway/crazy Hatch underground/save-the-world button pushing experience is a fantasy that Hurley is dreaming in the Institution. And Dave encourages Hurley to snap out of this Buffy-like delusion by forcing his brain to accept reality . . .

. . . by jumping of the island cliff. It totally won't hurt because it isn't real!

While Hurley struggles to determine what is real and what is not, Libby shows up at cliffs edge and talks him off of it. Hurley is sad that everything is so confusing, but Libby gives him a nice smooch on the lips and we leave the episode behind with some happiness that our man Hugo has found some love and appreciation in his castaway life.

Oh . . . a brief look at "Other" stuff--

Remember how Sayid and Ana Lucia were off searching for Henry Gale's balloon? But maybe it was an Other's trap? But Henry totally said it wasn't a trap? But maybe Henry has been lying the whole time and confusing John? And maybe he's really an Other who let himself get captured so he could find out what the Lostaways were doing? But then Henry helped Locke punch in The Numbers to prevent catastrophe? But Locke saw the blacklight painting? Remember . . . ?

Well, turns out that Sayid and Ana Lucia come back from their search, interrogate Henry and force him to finally reveal his true nature. He is NOT Henry Gale, hot-air balloon enthusiast from the upper Midwest (Wisconsin?). He is actually a member of the mysterious jungle-loving Others.

Oh, and he definitely did NOT punch those numbers in. He just stood there and watched the counter flip over to 000:00 and NOTHING HAPPENED! Or at least that is what he tells an increasingly frantic and confused John Locke.

Poor Locke! Will he ever learn the truth behind the numbers?!

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