Saturday, October 08, 2016

Football Counter-Programming 2016--Week 6

Credit: . . . the Internet! (Sorry, I didn't locate the person who created this.)

This past Saturday, we hopped in the car and drove down closer to Cincinnati to visit the Ohio Renaissance Festival. And while it did not occur to me during the 1 hour and 10 minute drive down to the festival site, a really fun game that you can play at such events is a scavenger hunt where you look for certain typs of people.

This diversion dawned on me just as we entered the gates after scanning our tickets, when I got a look at the people walking through the trails of Ye Olde Festival. (And the main reason that I wish I had thought of it sooner is that creating the list would have helped pass the time during the drive south. But, then again, I think the specificity of the list was improved by the witnessing provided during walking around the Festival grounds.)

Anyway . . . once I had the idea, I told it to Grace, who appreciates a quality idea when it is in front of her. She took it and built out almost all of these Scavenger Hunt items.

So, the next time YOU are at the Ohio Renaissance Festival, print out this list and see how many of these fun items you can discover around you.

Renaissance Festival Scavenger Hunt

  1. Dread Pirate Robertts
  2. Elf ears
  3. Guy in a kilt
  4. Flower crown in someone's hair
  5. Overweight man eating Turkey legge
  6. Guy with real parrot on shoulder
  7. Girl with purple hair
  8. People dressed exclusively in black
  9. Inappropriate Harry Potter outfit
  10. Dude in full armor
  11. Game of Thrones cosplay
  12. Legend of Zelda cosplay
  13. Excessive display of cleavage
  14. People with way-too-tiny hats
  15. Lord of the Rings cosplay (+20 if you find someone dressed as Gollum)
  16. Feathered cap (think Robin Hood)
  17. Wizard (+5  if they have a big staff and  +20 if they have a natural beard)
  18. Fake fur
  19. Bow and Arrow
  20. Sword
  21. Someone dressed as the Pope
  22. Someone carrying a scythe
  23. Men on horseback
  24. Men wearing traditional women's clothing
  25. Men with a wheelbarrow
  26. Doctor Who cosplay
  27. Ninja? (Yeah, that's right. ninja!)
  28. Captain Jack Sparrow outfit (with +2 if he walks like he's drunk)
  29. Fairy wings
  30. Sword swallower
  31. Fire eater
  32. Bagpiper
  33. Person wearing a weird animal tail attached to clothing
  34. Person without a shirt
  35. +5 if you interacted with Ren Fair "cast member"
I thought Grace did a great job putting this together. Feel free to use it. (The Ohio Ren Fair is still open through almost all of October!)

And, here are a few pictures of my kids having fun.

And, in the end . . . remember . . . no one cares if your team screwed up defending that Hail Mary pass that improbably made them lose the game. {Because millions of people once died from bubonic plague. Let's hold on to some perspective, okay?) See you next week!

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