Saturday, October 03, 2015

Football Counter-Programming 2015--Week 5

Welcome back and welcome in everybody! I hope that you have had a good week and that all of your two-point conversions worked in your favor. But that is the LAST time in this post that you'll hear me mention football tactics. . . because this is another week of Football Counter-Programming!

So . . . week 5. And what shall we cover as the topic this week? Last week, you might remember (if you read) we looked at sadness. And I am sad to report that the actress that played the Log Lady in Twin Peaks died in this past week. So, I have only good thoughts for Catherine Coulson.

As always, we honor her by using her episode introductions to look for a theme for the FC-P posts. This week's introduction comes from episode 4 "The One-Armed Man."

Do you dream? Well . . . I guess everyone dreams, but do you remember your dreams on a consistent basis? 

I don't--though I have sometimes written about dreams that I can remember here on WWYG?!

How about this question--Do you laugh?

How often do you laugh? Is it often enough?

I bet it is not as often as you would like it to be. So now you need to ask yourself: why is that? Why don't we all try to maximize the time that we laugh every day? Even though we need to be serious and successful in our careers and we need to provide for our families and for ourselves (that ole Protestant Work Ethic). . . but are we missing out on chances to see the humor in the world? Are we being so serious that we can't find moments to laugh every day?

I try to present myself as a funny guy. [I'll pause here for your abrupt fit of laughter to subside into stunned silence. Okay, ready now?]

Yeah, I know that I'm not always funny. But I do try to see the humor in things. And sure, there are times when I have rethought that strategy and wondered if I make too many jokes and I wonder if I am perceived as a jokey guy without deep thought or substance. But then I try to get over that concern. Because . . . as the bumper sticker says, YOLO and all that stuff. Seize the day, right? If you take life too seriously, you're pondering glistening wheelbarrows and apologizing for eating your roommates plums.

I guess, in the long run, I'd rather be remembered for making someone laugh because I had some humorous insight on something. Let other people be impressed by their in-depth understanding of the difference between macroeconomics and microeconomics. I'll try to make you chuckle by comparing macroeconomics to whether or not your wallet and waistline can afford more Stouffers Macaroni and Cheese dinners.

(Clearly, I've got more studying to do.)

But that's it for this week. Until next weekend, remember . . . no one else cares if the third running back on your team's depth chart could start for any other team in the Big Ten.

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