Monday, August 03, 2015

Acknowledging Esther Day

I'm not having the best day of my life today (and who is, I guess . . . really). But I think I want to try and snap my brain out of that cycle for a few minutes and put aside work and thoughts and bad glasses and uncomfortableness so that I can honor the terms of Esther Day.


What is Esther Day, you may ask?

Well, follow the link to learn what it is.

So, in the spirit of that, I want to say to my own family and friends that I love them. And I'm not going to do it in a video because I'm at work and there is no place to do that and I shouldn't be spending MORE time with something like that. But I will take a few computer moments to type this together quickly with little editing and not as much thought and craft as it deserves.

I am lucky and I'm privileged to have a good life. And that life is built off of the generosity and kindness of many people--family and friends and colleagues. People who support me and work with me and love me back and know me well and those that don't. I'm a part of a modern world that chops us up into little buckets and segments of personality and skill. And I try to plug in my talents where needed and as best I can every day. But I can't operate alone. None of us can operate alone . . . and I don't think we want to. We want to work with others--even when it creates new challenges. We reach out to others and hope they accept that connection.

So, I guess I'm stopping to acknowledge that need that I have, every day, to be with others and to cooperate with them--privately, personally, professionally. Thanks for putting up with me. Thanks for helping me do better than I do on my own.

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