Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Sorry . . . it gets better. (Again, sorry.)

You don't want to hear that.

I know.

But I fervently pray (and when I'm optimistic, I really do believe) that it is a true statement.

Growth and age and change is hard. But it can get better over time with (increased) maturity and (wider) perspective and  . . . patience.

Of course, none of that helps right now. And right now is the source of the pain and the confusion and the doubt. Right now is when things are bleak and hopeless. Right now demands to be handled.

And I feel powerless . . .

And it kills me . . .

And I am sorry.

But I believe. I truly see. I KNOW what is there.

Deep down--find that confidence within. Use it as a barrier against the shortcomings of life. I would stand in front of all of that . . . but that won't help.

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Lynda said...

Just gotta keep listening and giving them hugs.