Sunday, February 09, 2014

LOST Rewatch: What Kate Did

What Kate did?

Well, she was untruthful. And she was a runner. And she was a murderer. And she strings dudes along. And she is asked to use her kisses as currency. And she has a fixation with toys. And she knows how to shoot. And she can track. And she's a daddy's girl (but certainly NOT a step-daddy's girl.)

Oh, you mean what did she do in this episode?

Well, she saw a black horse in the jungle. And she saw feverish Sawyer speak to her through someone else's voice. And she began to fear that she was losing her mind. And she first promised Jack that she would look after Sawyer in the Swan station and then she decided to abandon him when she started to freak out--thinking that she was going insane.

So, as usual, Kate says she will do something and then she decides that she will do something else. And that upsets Jack. But when Kate cries, Jack feels bad. But Jack also feels bad because feverish Sawyer mumbled that he loved Kate--which is certainly something else that makes Jack feel bad--because Jack wants to control everything and everyone and he doesn't like Sawyer--sick or not--and he doesn't want Sawyer trying to be Kate's boyfriend.

By the end of the episode, Jack has decided to let Sawyer become Kate's boyfriend, but he's going to start keeping his own secrets and become Ana Lucia's boyfriend instead.

What else happens? Well, in the Flashback, we learn that Kate "did" what she did by killing her step-father, who was abusive to her mother and was inappropriately creepy towards her. And we also learn that Kate's biological father was in the Army and decided to leave his marriage to her mom because she was a.) still in love with Wayne--Kate's step-dad and also b.) Wayne ACTUALLY was Kate's real dad and no one had bothered to tell her. And Kate couldn't stand the fact that a creep like Wayne was actually related to her through blood. So, Kate blew up her step-dad and the house and awarded the home insurance money to her Mother, expecting thanks. Instead, Kate's mom was horrified and so Kate began her runaway journey.

Also . . . Eko is hanging out in the Swan station with Locke and trying to reconcile the swank conditions there with what he remembered from the Arrow station on the Tailies' side of the Island. Also, he tells Locke that he discovered bits of a film, which Eko believes are part of the Orientation film that Locke uncovered a few episodes back. And somehow Locke knows how to splice the parts of the film together and they learn that the missing part of the Orientation film informed the inhabitants of the Swan station NOT to use the computer for anything other than punching in the Countdown code.

This is relevant because now Michael is snooping around the computer a bit more and hanging out in the Swan station a lot more. And he is definitely interested in trying to use the computer for messaging (non number-punching) purposes. Especially after Michael is attracted to some strange beeping and types in Hello? and eventually gets into a conversation with the computer which eventually ends with "Dad?"

Was it Walt on the other end of that computer message? That seems improbable, right?

Oh well . . . I guess we'll find out later.

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The Rush Blog said...

This episode made me realize just how insecure Kate truly is. She really wants Jack, She's in love with him. But she feels that she is beneath him and that he would one day reject her. So, she calls herself settling for Sawyer, but he reminds her too much of her father.

As for Wayne . . . it's very rare to come across a character who commits a murder in the name of her own identity crisis. Kate finds out that the drunken Wayne is her real father and cold-bloodedly murders him. How sick is that? She was so worried about being a lot like him and in the end, proved that she was a lot worse than him. The irony.