Monday, November 25, 2013

November Days of Gratitude #13

Technology is a bedeviling mistress. It makes life so seemingly easy while at the same time, raising the level of expectations to challenging levels. Because I have a blog I am expected to maintain it. When I don't, there is a whiff of failure about me that has no real basis. I have done nothing but fallen below some artificial level that means nothing to anyone but myself (and some pretty persistent SPAMbots).

And so, I have reached the last week of the Month of Gratitude and I haven't even mustered even a half-month of things that can be seen as "praise-worthy." And for that, I am sure that YOU are grateful.


Because, really only one of you even asked me to do this, so no one is missing out on anything.

What else is there to say?

I am looking forward to the (slight) break in the work routine that Thanksgiving provides. (Even thought I will be doing work here and there.) But the food is always good and the opportunity to host Lynda's parents is always a good thing.

I could talk about this morning's tweet:

But that would probably take more time and careful thought and wordsmithy than I want to devote to it right now. But if you are not a SPAMbot, pester me about it and maybe I'll get into it more the next time I sit down to type. (The secret word will be: NERVES.)

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