Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A Tangled Web From There to Here

Well, first there was this.

And then there was this, which was unrelated to that first thing.

But, because of this video:

the fans of that very first thing started to pay attention to that second thing.

And then . . . a bit later, I heard about it all via this thing.

So . . . I began watching all of the videos made during the second thing, which eventually ended. But then they decided to keep it going, which has eventually turned into this thing.

And, all of that in many circuitous ways led to this, which is often prominently represented by this amongst many of the fans.

Now . . . I'm not going to go and locate the exact video (out of so many years worth of videos) what that Pizza John image initially came from . . . sorry. But what you need to know is that other things--of course-- were also happening during all of this time. Stuff like this, but most especially this:

And due to the confluence of all of these things, there was this.

And all of THAT, my friends, is what helped bring me to this.

It has been a great ride from there to here and I'm happy to be doing it.


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