Saturday, April 06, 2013

BEDA 6: Weekend Edition

Much of this day has been spent doing office work. Lynda has been nice enough to help me out, so I feel good about the amount of things prepared. I hope I can relax a bit during the night without spending all of it doing more work.

The weather is still cold, but at least the sun makes things look nicer. But I'm starting to think about the need for cleaning up flower beds and mulching. It's not my favorite things to do, but it is nice when the yard is neat and inviting.

(Got to take a break to read bedtime books to Hannah.)

And that is as much as I wrote yesterday. Forgot to post it.

The weather today continues to be sunny and resembles Spring. (At last!) thanks to Lynda's help, I might be able to get outside and have some fun today.

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