Thursday, April 19, 2012

The World's Oldest Teenager No More

When I first heard the news yesterday, I was a bit sad, sure. But he didn't mean as much to me as he did to my parent's generation (or to Ryan Seacrest). But, he was an important cultural figure that helped define and promote the postwar Youth Generation that has come to shape a lot of what modern America is about.

So, he had that going for him.

But what I really though about, of course, was why did Tom do it this time?
You might have thought that Tom was done. I haven't reported (some say speculated) on his actions in a very long time. Did we both take each other for granted? Maybe . . . but when a high profile target like this one goes, people are going to talk and wonder and . . . well, yes . . . let's just say they are going to speculate.

So maybe Tom is getting ready to flip the DVD sales of Mission Impossible IV: Ghost Protocol into his next project. And maybe he thinks that he wants to do a biopic. And well, why NOT the World's Oldest Teenager. Maybe Tom has acquired some interesting back stories of the real Mr. Clark that no one but Seacrest was privy to. (I'm thinking something along the lines of Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, you know?) Maybe Tom knows things, man! And maybe, just maybe, Dick didn't want those things known.

And, well, Dick was already sick you know . . . and Tom's movie idea was just too good. (Maybe it's even good enough for an Oscar consideration, right? And we all know that Tom is still waiting for that Oscar. It should have worked for Jamie Fox as Ray, Tom thinks. But I'm better than Jamie. I'll do it better. I'll get my production company to team up with the old Miramax guys and we'll do it up big time. There's no way they will deny me this time . . . as long as Dick is out of the picture.)

And then . . . well . . .


Anonymous said...

are you stupid? How do you know he cares about Oscar? Look at his upcoming big budget movies, if he really wanted an Oscar, he'd do a small indie film. Now look at dicaprio filmography, the guy who's actually going for Oscar for years.

You must be just jealous because you are a failure who will spend their life writing blogs and never touch any heights of success Tom Cruise has.

Anonymous said...

lolol now that I notice, no one really comments or regularly read your blog. Failure and ugly, you're the entire package.

David said...

Thanks for your comment. I'll try to recover from my failures and learn more about Tom Cruise and the Oscars.