Monday, October 03, 2011

Crop Walk Donations Request

My church is participating in this year's CROP Hunger Walk on October 16. Sarah and I are going to participate in it and if you would like to donate to our walk efforts, please contact me. 

(You may leave a comment in this blog post or switch over to my Twitter or Facebook pages and shoot me a reply there. Sure, somewhere in all of this digital stuff you can find a way to send me a message, huh?)

Below are some scans of a brochure that can tell you a bit more about the CROP Walk. Or you can visit the Web site of Church World Service and see what they say about the effort. 


Long time readers of Why Won't You Grow?! may remember the last time that we attempted this effort. Let's hope it goes better now that the kids are older and we are all a bit wiser.

I DO hope that someone that reads this post will donate to our efforts. Let's see if this social networking thing does what it is supposed to do for once.

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