Saturday, January 15, 2011

To Do List

As you can tell, it's been a really long time since I was blogging on a regular basis. But as my fellow blogging friend Sven has often typed, writing is a process. So I just need to find a way to work the process and the discipline back into my life. It may always be something that I squeeze in between all of my other duties and choices, but I hope it will be a more regular choice going forward.

I still have to report and describe so many interesting things that have been happening in my life. I left everyone hanging on the family trip to Disney World (something that Mr. Lileks would NEVER have done). I took you all the way to the front gate of the park, even to our quaint little cabin and put you to bed for the night. But then . . . what? Well, I've still got several days of park adventures to describe--some of which are pretty fun . . . if I can remember it all. Luckily, I've got pictures to help jog my memory a bit.

And there are always funny things that my kids are saying and doing that might spur an idea. So, I've got to keep an eye on that (though my Twitter feed is where a lot of that stuff usually falls first). You can see that via my WWYTwitter tab on this page.

And I've also got other projects that have been hanging in the wind for a loooong, loong time. Such as my thesis transcription and many, many other things.

But now, my time for squeezing stuff into a window of opportunity is done. And I've got to do other things. Perhaps next time I won't simply present a laundry list of things I've got to do, but will actually do one of them.

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Unknown said...

Glad to see you're back!
The Friendly Stranger