Sunday, November 14, 2010

Saturday afternoon fun

Saturday was such a nice day. It was a gift for being this late into November . . . and I managed to get out and enjoy it for even a brief time before dinner. Grace was disappointed that she wasn't able to get a friend to come over and play and Hannah was getting a bit fussy and needed some distraction.

So, the three of us loaded up on our bikes and hit the streets. After I spent a few minutes pumping up the tires that had gotten flat from some disuse and then hitched up the trailer for Hannah . . . we pedaled off down the street. I let Grace pick the path.

We went down Nicole, then turned right and paralleled Spring Road. Then we hung a right and zipped down the bike path only to make another right and enter into Spring Grove North (the newer subdivision that abuts right up against my older, original neighborhood). We wound our way up and down the sidewalks of these streets, going in and out of cul-de-sacs. Hannah got a few slight bumps here and there as I pulled the trailer on and off of the sidewalk transition ramps and swung around the ends of cars parked near the ends of driveways. But I kept it slow and enjoyed the moderate weather and coming twilight.

Soon Grace realized that we weren't going to be able to hook up to the bike paths from within this block, so we doubled back to parallel Spring Road up the the corner of Country Line. We crossed over and then rode along the north side of County Line, heading past Westerville North High School and toward Sunbury Road. After a bit, Grace took a left and we entered the pedestrian walkways surrounding the High School. We road along and then back behind the school, exploring the sides of the building, the bleachers of the baseball stadium (where I really had a narrow corner to negotiate).

I found a hidden pedestrian walkway that connected the baseball ticket booths to the backside of the school, crossing over an irrigation ditch. But while Hannah and I were game to give it a try, Grace had already decided to turn around and start heading home. She was right, as the sun was sinking and the light was starting to fade.

So, we retraced our path, back to the corner of County Line and Spring, then down and back to Nicole.

When we got home, dinner was just about ready, the sky was dark through the windows, and we were happy to have been outside stretching our muscles.

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