Friday, July 16, 2010

Read me first, then check out my friend

Last week you may have seen my video post in which I nearly disrobed in an attempt to get you to vote for my good friend Greg's organization CASA. And you may have noticed that I did a pretty lame job of explaining exactly what CASA does or why you should have spend the time voting for them so that Chase bank can give them money . . . so that they can continue doing the good work that they do.

Well, regardless of how unprepared I was in my video script, the Internet must have loved looking at me in a wife-beater because Coastal Plains CASA got enough votes to win $20,000 from Chase Community Giving and now 41 more foster kids in my home region of Georgia are going to be better served.

And that is great. I always knew that my biceps could be used for the forces of good.

Wait . . . you think international country star Tricia Yearwood's Facebook support had much more to do with it than my home-grown manliness?

Well, you can think whatever you want.

I choose to think that Greg's clever pledge to eat as many green salads as he got votes from his Facebook friends was a crucial element in the charity drive's success. (As you may remember--if you are a recurring Why Won't You Grow?! reader--I am a fan of food-based stunts as well. I just hope Greg's stamina & resolve turns out to be more impressive than my earlier attempt.)

So, please follow along as CASA Greg Goes Green. Read about his foray into healthier eating. And get to know a guy that I'm happy to say I've been friends with for many, many years. We're all rooting for you Greg. I'll send along my own salad recipes soon.

I'm adding his blog to my list of sidebar items. Or you can sign up to follow him. The more people that put eyes on him, the less likely he'll be to backslide.

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GregM said...

Thanks, Dave, for the shout out! I would shout in return, but I've got lettuce stuck in my teeth and might gross some folks out.

I hope everyone will check out my new video about the salad challenge, posted on Casa Greg Goes Green, and join you in voting my fate! :)