Monday, June 14, 2010

My tech-free weekend

It was an interesting weekend. As you might have heard, I was staying away from technology from Friday night until Monday morning. And it was great . . . except that technology was all around me. And since my family was not restricted to the same limitations as myself, they didn't seem bothered by using it in front of me.

I try not to be jealous as she blogs the day away. She shouldn't be punished for the things that are happening to me, right? I'm not really as envious of her as it might seem in this photo. I promise.
Since I couldn't blog or check the internet or anything like that, I decided to go ahead and make lunch for everyone. (I don't really mind making lunch for people, no matter what this image might make you think. And the tech-free weekend was going along just fine, don't you think?)
The next day (Sunday) we went to the zoo. And normally, I love going to the zoo--even if you can't appreciate it in this photograph. I wonder what is putting me off? Maybe I was just hungry? Or maybe I was disappointed that the polar bear didnt' swim when we went over to check him out? I'm not sure what it was. It surely wasn't my bright yellow bucket hat branded with the worst chili in the world--Skyline Chili. Because, in case you didn't know . . . that is my Official Hat of Summer 2010. So, not the hat, not the polar bear, not the food. Hmm. Maybe something the kids are doing?
Lynda got to have digital fun in my absence. (And really, maybe this will work to my overall benefit because a.) Lynda got to enjoy my iPhone all weekend, b.) a new iPhone is about to be sold, c.) Lynda is going to need a new photo at some point when her renewal date arrives. So . . . maybe all of that equals a two iPhone household? Maybe.

In the end, I survived my tech-free weekend.

Though I don't think I'll bother to do it again anytime soon. The world is a technologically-driven, digital  cornucopia. And I want to cram that cornucopia in my mouth and chew it up.

So be prepared to watch me swallow for many, many more years to come.

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Rachel E. Allen said...

These photos are cracking me up! They're like the stock photos one finds on a tech company Web site. Congratulations on making it through the weekend. I'm looking forward to watching Sarah, Grace, and Hannah so you and Lynda can hit the town. Just don't be surprised when your girls are hopped up on sugar and dancing around the house to 80s new wave tunes by the time you and Lynda get home...