Friday, April 30, 2010

If an alien ship came down and opened the door, and if your wife and kids weren't watching, would you get in?


(Really, nothing more needs to be said . . . but I guess I will.)

Do you think me callous? Willing to abandon my family for the cold, unknown void of space?

But in this case, I would be serving as the ambassador of the ENTIRE HUMAN RACE. (And who better than me, right?)

Isn't it more important for me to serve as a willing ambassador than to continue overseeing my family? And isn't the woman's liberation movement all about trusting my wife to take over the reign of my family in the event of my departure by alien abduction? (I'm pretty sure that Susan B. Anthony mentioned that in some 1920 speech.)

Would any of YOU pass up the opportunity to see things in space that you simply can't even imagine?

Sound off in comments, please and tell me that I'm crazy or that you are entirely on my side.

That's my answer.

Thanks for asking!


Chris Stewart said...

I am entirely on your side, unless there will be probing involved, in which case I am on your side only if you are into that kind of thing, and I know that you are pretty much not into that. So, probing aliens = no, friendly aliens = yes. Also, if Cardassians are involved, I think that yes, I would go, but no, I wouldn't be happy regardless of the wonders that I see, because the Cardassians are poorly-conceived stereotypes.

j. thunder said...

right on, David.