Sunday, January 10, 2010

What do you do . . .

. . . when you've got nothing better to spend time explaining?

You post a video.

And since I haven't made any videos lately--I'm letting my daughters make all the video's these days; in fact Sarah is busily making one with her friend (who got a portable digi camera for Christmas); I guess this is what kids do for fun these days . . . the YouTube generation--I'm going to rely on ABC to do it for me.

This video will prepare you for the final season of LOST, which premieres February 2. (And we now know that this premiere will NOT conflict with the State of the Union speech.)

Because they are devious or because I am temporarily inept, I can't find an embed code on the video player to drop said video into this site. (Perhaps they want you to visit the ABC site and click on other things?) If it doesn't bother you, use this link to watch the video. If you are a regular viewer of LOST, nothing here will be new to you. If you need a reminder of things and you don't want to pull out your DVDs, then this could be useful.

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