Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I think I need to take my laptop to the shop for service

I started writing the following last night:

Another Comic Con has come and gone and I didn't visit. (For those of you new to this space . . . anyone . . . hello? . . . well, I've never been to Comic Con.) I think that I might enjoy it a lot if I could find the time and money to go to San Diego. I've been lucky enough to be in that city before--even in the very same convention center where the Con is held each year. But, it (lamentably) was only for work-related purposes. While I don't anticipate ever wearing any costumes--and while I might have missed all the years of LOST panels--I could still see interesting stuff on upcoming movies and TV shows. It would certainly give me something to blog about.

And I have been in need of something to blog about lately. I appear to have landed back into one of those doldrum patches where I don't feel like I have anything interesting to write about--regardless of all the many artificial methods I have used to guarantee something to write about (such as the Clothing Project). But . . . try as I might, I haven't been engaged with the blog lately. And then I feel distressed that I have so visibly failed in my attempts to write a post every day this year. Even though that ended a while ago, I feel that I haven't made a good, honest effort at it lately.

So . . . moving on with tonight's reason for getting back in front of the keyboard. I've seen two movies in the last several days and I thought I should throw out some ideas on them.

First, Dazed and Confused. You've probably heard of this movie, written and directed by Richard Linkletter. It is set in the summer of 1976 and follows a handful of high school kids in an (undetermined?) American town.

And then my computer suddenly and completely switched off. Due to the malaise I was describing above, I stopped trying to write and fell asleep.

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jack thunder said...

there was a very funny piece last night with Jimmy Fallon at comic con: