Monday, February 16, 2009

Sunday night

When you have three kids and you don't have lots of imagination (or perhaps, I mean gumption) you can tend to moss away the weekend. There are always the chores to do--laundry, vacuuming, bathroom cleaning, dishes in and out of the washer, meals to cook and clean, toys to pick up again and again and again and again.

Lately we've been spending more time with Hannah in the basement. It allows one of the parents to stay "topside" and work while the other takes the neediest of the three out of the picture for a while. When it is my time, I usually fold laundry, watch cooking shows on Food Network, and watch Hannah as she crawls from one set of things to another. Everything is something to put in her mouth these days.

But in the blur of these chores and tasks, the weekend can simply move on by--especially if you are spending your free time wondering if you are going to work, wondering what you might work on, and then being disappointed in yourself when you realize that you are, in fact, doing the work that you'd resigned yourself to doing (though not fast enough, naturally).

In the winter, it makes it even harder because you are usually forced to stay indoors to avoid the cold. Sunday was not, I admit, a unwelcoming February day--it was actually sunny with blue skies. But the temperatures were chilly and . . . well, you can't do work outside. (sigh)

So, the kids played around the house and Hannah even played with them a fair bit. It is good to see the three of them interacting with each other in a playful, sisterly way. I look forward to more of that as they each age.


And so, on Sunday night, after playing, doing chores, working, and living, we faced the inevitable question of what to do for dinner. I'll admit that we took the lazy way out and chose to go buy fast food.

And where did we go?

One guess--

Oddly though, the music piped in wasn't the cook and hip music you'd expect from the "restaurant" that brought you the Angry Whopper or the Subservient Chicken.

Nope, it was 1970s Donna Summer and Elvis and stuff your parents would enjoy.

Is it retro-kitche? Is that what the college kids are liking today?

I can't keep up anymore.

And that's probably okay . . . I've got laundry to fold.

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