Monday, March 17, 2008

The shirt

(If you are not one of my colleagues that is responsible for attempting to force the Biblical moniker "Boaz" onto poor, defenseless Hannah, then you have little idea what this is all about.)

As to the manatee's dark secret (which is not visible on the left of the "b")--the less said the better.

It all started months ago when Lynda and I were trying to find a suitable middle name for Hannah. We thought about Sofia/Sophia. We considered other choices that I simply don't recall right now. We knew--as with Sarah and Grace, that we wanted a woman's name from the Bible.

So, (stupidly?) I suggested the problem to my friends over lunch at work one day. Immediately, they began suggesting the most ridiculous names possible, of which Boaz became the runaway (satirical?) favorite at the table. Since then, that has been their name of choice--though I have fought it as fiercely as I could. But then they went and bought Hannah the thoughtful onesie gift. What do you do then?

Anyway, I promised I would publicize the odd, if thoughtful Boaz onesie when I put Hannah in it, so tonight is the night.

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Sven Golly said...

I like the name; it sort of contains both my kids' names (if you an a couple 'E's). And by the way, you have another beauty in your family! Lucky man.