Friday, August 17, 2007

. . . ___ ____ makes three

[The captions read, from L to R--David (Dad), Lynda (Mom), Sarah (Me), Grace (sister), Babby (isn't here)]

I found this in Sarah's cubby at daycare when we picked her up this afternoon. I don't know when she drew it, but it is recent. And it is all true.

We just started telling people last week. Lynda is into the early days of the second trimester. Given our past history, we didn't want to jump the gun on informing people until we were comfortable and (as) certain (as we can ever be) that things are going to be fine.

So . . . how are things with you?


David said...

I know that this didn't provide a lot of information.

Sometimes you try to go for an effect and maybe it works, maybe it doesn't.

Anyway, the baby is due in mid February, right around Valentine's Day. We won't know the gender for another six or seven weeks, so for now the girls are calling s/he "Tiny."

Sarah is convinced it will be a girl and Grace hasn't made up her mind. Though Grace thinks I want a boy "so I'll have someone to play with." (I'm not sure who she thinks has been playiing with her all these years . . .)

No, if it's a boy we won't be naming it "Harry James" nor "Albus Severus." We've had a boy's name settled for a few years now and we are slowly figuring out another good girls name (having already used two very good ones previously.)

As you may know, I was the hold out on having a third child and it took me a long time to come around. We have been trying for a while, but the first pregnancy (which began around January or February didn't last). So, we waited a while and decided to give it one last attempt.

We were afraid earlier this summer that this pregnancy would, again, not last, but what we feared was a miscarriage turned out to be something else that was easily taken care of. So, since then it's been nothing but good news and rising hope.

Certainly we have been blessed twice over and are glad to be preparing to bring a new personality into the fold. That was what helped me decide to go for it again . . . the idea of a new person, a different dynamic to our wonderful family. I'm excited to see what comes.

Certainly, you'll hear all about it in time.

Anonymous said...

Sarah's artistic skills are amazing. I'm looking at Stevie's most recent creation, "Rock and Hot Lava". It looks like an orange "8", with an extra line through the bottom of the 8, and the eight is colored in with black with a little black outside of the 8 as well. It's hanging next to "My Idea". At first glance, it's a red hill with yellow circles starting at the bottom and moving to the top with an identifiable lightbulb on the top. The hill is actually a brain.

I think I'll ask Stevie to draw a picture of our family and see what I get. This will not be a bragging point. Probably.

And, finally, I am so excited about your third. I will live vicariously through you.


Sven Golly said...

great drawing
great news
great familey

Anonymous said...

Dave, I spent a good bit of time reading news posted on your blog. Enjoyed it. I especially enjoyed viewing the pictures. I had not seen many of them. Great news about the future addition. I hope it is healthy firstly, then I'm hoping for a boy.