Thursday, October 05, 2006

LOST last night

I had a little LOST season 3 premiere party last night.

It gave the the opportunity to wear my Dharma Initiative t-shirt. Maybe the shirt (and the first five minutes) were influencing me to feel sympathetic towards the Others, and I ended the show with a vague acceptance of them.

But this morning while brushing my teeth, I began to realize that no matter how nice Juliette appears, she's still taking orders from the evil Ben/Henry Gale. That can't be good!

So, the Others are still sinister.

I'll give more reactions maybe tonight . . . but right now I've gotta get back to pushing my buttons.


Jack Thunder said...

what?, no more LOST thoughts even after 2 weeks?! (close enough) i've stayed quiet for 2 weeks to see HOW YOU CAN POSSIBLY DEFEND THIS SHOW.

David said...

Sadly, work has intruded and my sense of honor has cut into my blogging lately.

Jack, I'm afraid that we shall never see eye-to-eye on LOST ever again. You have turned away from the show while I remain content to continue drinking the Kool-Aid. I understand your frustrations and your belief that there is no Master Plan and that Lindelof and Cuse are making it up as they go. I understand that this is dangerous, from a "Satisfying Conclusion" point of view.

But, as I said, I remain a supporter. The show continues to intrigue me and the characters continue to interest me. I sometimes do worry that the final conclusion, if ans when it ever occurs, won't satisfy . . . but I receive enjoyment week-to-week.

I will try to do better in broadcasting my reactions in upcoming weeks--WWYG?! Omnimedia needs to have SOME useful purpose.