Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Coming Home

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Jack Thunder said...

i definitely think about stuff like that! okay, maybe not remote-island-crash scenarios, because--and i can say this now because you won't read it before you land, but--come on, the odds of surviving a crash are, um, slim. and, well, the odds of crashing on an un-findable island are slimmer.
but yours are important questions. once i was able to exist for 3 days in Africa without my checked luggage because i had been wearing 2 shirts. I bought a pair of underwear and was fine. and i was carrying my toiletries in my carry-on, which is the smartest thing to do.
so there it is: dress in layers, carry on the essentials, and don't be involved in any conspiracies that would cause your plane to crash.
i once tried to avoid taking off my shoes in security by wearing tennis shoes, but the fascists wouldn't allow it. i'm just fortunte not to be pulled aside every time i go through security. part of my personal style is trying to look like a terror!st--i don't wear sunglasses and go without shaving all the time for my health!--but they never seem to notice.
anyway, you'll be here in 3 hours. here's welcoming you home in advance.