Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Today--even dorkier than yesterday!

In a disturbing trend, WWYG?! is turning even dorkier.

I celebrate my dorkitude with the news that Alias is back on the air this evening!

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And, I reveal my growing obsession with more Harry Potter stuff:

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Jack Thunder said...

i didn't realize that was Ricky Gervais back in Season 3! i guess he was one of the pastier-than-usual villains.

last night's episode was not great but it wasn't terrible and it was nice to finally see the show back on the air. the show has had a pretty troubled season; much like the characters' deep inner turmoil, right? deep, i know.

and who knew that Moby would make a guest appearance as a hit man?

i'm looking forward to the finale episodes. this show---and most shows, i think---should never have been longer than 3 seasons or so. can anyone name an action- or plot-driven show that improved after 3 seasons?? i wish tv people would market tv more like movies---mini-series length stories, heavily marketed, must-see events, sell expensive adds, then sell DVDs. television would improve, i think.

anyway, i'm happy Sydney's not pregnant anymore. that's another thing that ruins tv shows--motherhood. besides killing plot and being really boring, it kills all kinds of latex-costume -driven events.