Wednesday, July 20, 2005

A new way to raise the hit count

You might think that I take things too far if I attempt to use my blog for this purpose.

But I wouldn't apologize.

Shouldn't I be a fitting ambassador of the human race on planet Earth? Aren't I better than the reruns of The Honeymooners and Adolph Hitler speeches that are already out there floating through the ether?

I project a wholesomeness (with a slightly offbeat sensibility) that would make aliens want to get to know us better, not invade us and probe us for their own sinister purposes.

So, come on NASA. What about you, FCC? Hey Dubya . . . think about me? I'll be the ambassador to aliens . . . your friendly neighborhood Burb.

In other news, read this very nicely worded post by Velcrometer's M. Giant. He is only saying stuff that all bloggers think about from time to time.

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